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Through his enriching working experiences as academia, researcher and principal engineer, Dr. Teo hopes to reach out to more people from all walks of life in promoting lifelong education. He sees the value of education as the best tool for someone to succeed in life. In his growing up years, he witnessed a kind of education landscape where education opportunities are limited to the mainstream, and one wrong move at any stage in life (especially at the earliest stage) will adversely affect the educational path.There is evidently a lack of education opportunities of those who unfortunately, not by choice- are not being advised well from young, or fail to excel at that particular stage in life. Sadly, there’s no turning back of the clock and this group of people has to live with their unfair disadvantage which has a negative impact on them even at the later part of their life. This should not be the case. Dr Teo strongly believes that everyone should stand an equal opportunity in achieving a holistic education, and strive towards their goal with faith, confidence and optimism.

With his capability, Dr Teo has the confidence to prepare the young generation in exploring the holistic education landscape, venturing into one that best suits the individual, be it in outdoor education, event corporate training, national education or even travel tourism. Everyone is given an opportunity. Being passionate in lifelong education, Dr. Teo hopes to motivate the young generation in believing in themselves and unleashing their potential to their fullest.
Professional Background
Dr. Eric Teo is a firm believer of lifelong education. After the completion of his first degree in Engineering, he gladly took on the joint post-graduate scholarship from National University of Singapore-Chartered Semiconductor to pursue his Master’s degree. During the time of studies, Dr. Teo was better able to understand the actual tasks expected of him when he entered full-time employment. In his subsequent years in the industry, Dr. Teo always strive his best for the company, delivering on his words and actions.Facing a very challenging and fast moving environment in technology advancements, Dr. Teo had taken a very bold step by quitting his well-adjusted job and took up the role of research fellow in the National University of Singapore (NUS).

This move had given him an edge to constantly review the advanced frontiers in research and development as well as to reach out to renowned researchers and company representatives across the world, through the publication of top-tier journals and presentation in international conferences. His hard work had earned him his Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D). Following his Ph.D, Dr. Teo accepted an oversea offer to work at Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), South Korea, which was one of the top research institution/university in Korea. His stint at KAIST had given him the opportunities to work with the Koreans in developing research works in the field of organic LED, solar cells and display.

He has not only experienced the learning culture of the Koreans better but was impressed by their indomitable attitude. Dr. Teo has since taken an academia role as he believes with his vast knowledge and experience, he can contribute extensively towards educating the next generation. Besides imparting knowledge and skills, Dr. Teo is currently involved in research collaboration with the industries, research institutions and universities.

Dr. Teo, Group Chairman
Ph.D, M.Eng, B.Eng

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