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Recreational Paintball

Recball in short is widely recommended for beginners. This is one of the most commonly known paintball format. RECBALL players usually visit paintball fields for one simple purpose, to have fun and shoot at their opponents without being jailed! RECBALL formats are reasonably simple, usually TDM (Team Death Match), CTF (Capture The Flag), CTB (Conquer the base) or FFA (Free For All also known as “Every Man for Himself). These games will last about 10mins – 15mins each. These gives all the so called “green bird” a “feel” of how paintball is actually like.


Recommended for beginners to intermediate, also commonly known as WOODSBALL in the Asia region. It is a game of fair competition and ultimate endurance. BUSHBALL games is usually held in a forested area where players can merge into their surroundings and natural environment, having said that, BUSHBALL players are usually dressed in camouflage uniforms providing them better concealment, blending them into the vegetations and natural covers. BUSHBALL games can last from 30mins to several hours depending on the players’ crowd size. Game formats are based on captivity of certain bases or “Special Characters” in the game. In a BUSHBALL game, RESPAWN (revival during the game) is allowed in specific time gaps depending on the game duration. At the end of the game length either teams who manage to complete their objectives wins.

Military Simulation Paintball

Recommended for intermediate to advance players. DO NOT BE ALARMED! MILSIM Paintball is not as deadly as it sounds, more often than not, it is organised for the men who missed their army days. MILSIM Paintball is game of great leadership and teamwork, breaking through the concept of SPEEDBALL, players are given limited ammo supply. MILSIM Paintball has objectives which are more realistic as compared to some of the other paintball gaming styles and format, usually a re-enactment of a movie scene or combat history. In such games, players are given different roles to play such for example; a medic “one who has the ability to heal their teammates”, a MG gunner “one who carries more ammo supply”, a front scout “one who observes the opponents with maximal stealth feeding information to his/her teammates before an “assault” and a commander “one who receives intel and instructions from the “Head-Quarters”. These MILSIM games can last as short as 30mins to several hours depending on the client’s requirement.

REALISM Paintball

Advanced MILSIM players usually move on to hardcore players in REALISM Paintball. It is a one of a kind paintball gaming experience, designed for players by players both teams will come to an agreement as to how the game will be played. The structure of the game is alike MILSIM Paintball, players will be given specific roles to play based on the mission/story line, the only difference here is that a mission can be deemed as a failure just by one wrong move from either party. The idea of REALISM paintball originated from a group of MILSIM players. During a REALBALL game players will be disabled according to the shots they have taken on their body. For example if a player is shot on their leg, he/she will be disallowed to move freely unless of course with the assistance of his/her teammates. There are a whole set of rules and regulation which is catered to make the game as real as possible, these games are beyond paintball gaming, allowing participants to experience such realism triggers them to be more appreciative of our current national threat status. “Therefore are you game enough for some REALBALL? Only you will know!” the comments we hear most often after a REALBALL game is like such “whoa.. I wish we will never go into war! This is insane!” Being capsulated by our outdoor educational background / history, we have specially developed REALBALL as part of our NE (National Educational) program, doing our part to ensure that this will be an unforgettable experience to our clients.
So what are you still waiting for?! Fall in right now!!


Such programmes are deliberately framed using Tuckman model of 5 stages team development. Participants from the organisation will form their own team of special force soldiers. Several mission objectives will be given to the team depending on the duration of the corporate team building event.

Each corporate team will form up their individual ranks and files. Officers are then required to give the mission briefs. Once briefed, each team are to get together to strategise their defensive and offensive moves. At this storming stage, team members will realise that many introverts within their team can actually be good leaders. Innovative ideas can also be observed shooting in from every directions. The most interesting part will definitely be the execution, where many succumbed to pressure when under enemy fire!

After the first round, all team will re-org and go through second round of storming. Team that managed to break through the storming stage went on to norm, will be able to perform better in the second mission. Once the team hit on the right node, a bond is form, camaraderie sets in…they are ready to perform well in their call of duty in the final round! Where we love to theme it…”saving private Ryan! We leave no man behind!”


  • SAFRA Gun Down
  • Singapore Police Force Special Tactical Training
  • Hitachi Family Day
  • ABB Industry Pte Ltd
  • Civil Service Club
  • Hitachi Semiconductor Pte Ltd
  • Hyperion Solutions (Asia) Pte Ltd
  • Land Transport Authority
  • M1 Pte Ltd
  • NTUC Costa Sands
  • Philips Electronics Pte Ltd
  • Performance Motor Pte Ltd
  • Senoko Energy
  • ST Engineering
  • Singapore Police Force (Tanglin Division)
  • Singapore Technologies Aerospace Engines
  • Texas Instruments (S) Pte Ltd
  • TECH Semiconductor (S) Pte Ltd
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